Fullbright -Sabu Thomas

Prof Sabu Thomas was selected as one of ten scholars recommended for the Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators Seminar. The two-week visit to the United States, will enable the scholars to come to know about various facets of U.S. higher education, including the types of institutions, accreditation, curriculum development, fund-raising, student services and international education on U.S. campuses, as well as share knowledge on Indian higher education. Topics addressed during visits and meetings at select campuses and organizations will also include research collaborations, faculty and student exchanges, and study abroad. Participants will gain a first-hand experience of a cross section of U.S. institutions and meet with key university administrators and officials responsible for international programs and activities at their institutions

It is matter of proud moment for Mahatma Gandhi University that Prof Thomas was one among the 10 candidates who was selected for the same. Prof. Thomas, Director of International and Inter University centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and Professor of polymer science Engineering at School of Chemical Science at   Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam is an outstanding scientist and leading academician with sustained international acclaims. He has contributed a major part in the upgrading of Mahatma Gandhi University to an international level. His tireless effort and enthusiasm in research have paved way for a lot of students to make excellent contribution to scientific community. Professor Thomas is well known for gather Collaboartions with leading scientist around the world, which has benefitted the university as well as the research community. His works in the area of Polymer science, green nanotechnology, water purification and nanomedicine have credited him several international awards and honours including MRSI and CRSI .The latest honour that he is being conferred with is Honoris Causa from University of Lorraine ,France. He is one of the best four productive researchers and the  impact of his contribution in scientific field is reflected by the huge citation of 28,400 with a H-index of 79 with a publication number of more than 750.His large student community includes 79 Ph.d students whom he have guided to success. This achievement is a motivation and inspiration for budding researches in the country.